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The first complete online course

Fascia Mastery  

Get ready for a 8 week online course with fascia exercise & optimization for personal trainers and therapists who are ready to take the next step in their career and master Fascia Training - so you can double your sales, work less and be fully booked with your dream clients. 
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The 8 weeks of Fascia Mastery

The online course is divided into 8 modules with video lessons, exercises and bonuses. 
🌟 The modules are released once a week to keep you accountable and motivated.
🌟 As soon as you finish the last week, you’ll have lifetime access* to the online course platform.

*As long as the course is still running.

You’ll also get:
Weekly Q&A group sessions with Andreas Öhgren (1 hour/week over Zoom)
🔥 A community with all of the Fascia Mastery course members
🔥 An invitation to a live event hosted by Andreas during 2024

Fascia Mastery

Week 1

Foot & Knee

Week 2

The Hip

Week 3

The Back

Week 4

Shoulders & Arms

Week 5

Strength training/
loaded movement/3D

Week 6

More of everything

Week 7

Diet / Supplement & Recovery

Week 8

Final bonus  

As a bonus, you'll also learn how to communicate with your clients to reach out and get incredible results 🔥

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”It is the best course I’ve ever taken"

"As a professional physiotherapist specializing in sports medicine, Fascia Mastery has significantly deepened my understanding of body movement and pain management. Andreas' expertise provided invaluable tools for diagnosing and addressing musculoskeletal issues, empowering effective self-care. Despite my extensive experience in sports therapy, this course offered fresh insights for guiding both recreational and elite athletes. 

It is the best course I’ve ever taken and I highly recommend it to professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge in movement and pain management.”

Ulrika Thoors, physiotherapist

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